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This page collects tools for weblog writers -- software that helps people write weblogs or that provide services to weblog readers. See WeblogSystems for programs that host weblogs.


Blog Stickers
[2 ]

HaloScan Commenting
Fast, free weblog commenting system. [3]

eNetation comment system

Tag Board
display an asynchronous discussion window in any Web page. [5 ]

In addition to its role in WeblogSystems, Tinderbox is a handy place to store ideas, notes, plans, and clippings about which you plan to write. Because everything is automatically timestamped and because Tinderbox agents can be a big help in organizing a big pile of notes, Tinderbox can help keep writers from running out of things to say or bogging down. See TinderBox. [6]

Poster Child
Commenting, in PHP. [7 ]

W Bloggar
a Windows desktop client for server-side weblog tools like Blogger

A popular commenting system. [8]

Blog Snob
Text Ad Based Weblog Promotion Service. [9]

Snor Comments
perl annotation system. [10] "I recently spent several hours researching and trying out comment engines. The various hosted systems like YACCS can be quite nice, but when their servers slow down it slowed my site down. There are some nice PHP systems, but that was a learning curve I wanted to avoid. I ended using Snor Comments2, a simple little Perl-driven system. Set up was painless, it doesn't require any additional Perl modules, the interface is highly customizable, and it even has its own little admin interface. Within Tinderbox, I set up a Boolean attribute for notes that let's me turn on comments or not for each note." -- Victor Lombardi [11]

Easy to install and easy to use weblog and wiki tool written in Java


  • Weblog Compendium Weblog [12]

  • Blogroots [13]

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-- Last edited November 14, 2002

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