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Scholarship about wikis, weblogs, and related phenomena.

Psychology of Weblogs. A set of thought-provoking essays from online psychologist Dr. John M. Grohol about the theory and hyperbole surrounding the blogging community. [1]

Blogging Thoughts. A broad, critical look at personal publishing as a research tool, by Jill Walker and Torill Mortensen. [2 ](pdf)

Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web. Presented at HT02, this paper argues that links are the currency of the Web and that scholars who ignore this economy are doomed to irrelevance. [3]

I think that traffic is the currency of the Web, and links are the means of production. It's a small detail. This may be an important paper to the HypertextConference community if people hear its message. -- MarkBernstein

k-logs: Using weblogs for personal and corporate knowledge management. Blogs provide an alternative channel to departmental and community intranet pages. When blogs are aggregated and their content 'streamed' aka blogrolling, there is the opportunity to start an informal corporate memory. Here are some notes: [4]


Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research by Sébastien Paquet offers an overview of the weblogging phenomenon and a description of how it affects knowledge sharing practices, in particular in the world of research.[5]

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-- Last edited November 30, 2002

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