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Weblogs are personal (or organizational) Web sites that are updated frequently. Weblogs are also called "blogs".

This page collects notes and brief comments on some interesting or notable weblogs. When it grows, it will be refactored to refer to notable weblog clusters.

Please say something about each weblog. The world is filled weblogs, all different; please tell us why the ones you add are interesting.

Weblog Clusters

  • KM Bloggers (actually a Wiki list): [1]

  • Scandinavian-flavored media cluster

  • Blogger A-List

  • Userland circle

  • PrehistoricWeblogs : weblogs before Blogger

  • LawBlogs

  • ResearchBlogs (which should perhaps be termed a theme rather than a cluster - not all these link to each other.)

Interesting weblogs (uncategorized)

ISSHO Kikaku

Japanese term for the "Together Project."

Highly experimental CMS site with a multilingual interface and mixed-language content. Thus, a participant could input Ethiopian and Russian while using a Korean interface.

This site is run by a Tokyo-based non-profit that keeps an eye on the global flows and condition of humans, especially as concerns ethnic diversity and coexistence, and other multicultural and multilingual issues.


Cuaderno de Bitacora

Tips, links and news about Cyberculture, Hyperfiction, Media, Communication and Design, edited in Spanish by Jose Luis Orihuela at the University of Navarra. [3]

eLearning Post
5 collections per week of interesting commentary around community building, learning, knowledge management and web content publishing. Naish Nichani has occasional summaries on expert topics (including blogs and COPs)[4]

Mark Bernstein
Concentrates on hypertext theory, especially the boundaries of literature and technology. Opinionated, and very red. Made with TinderBox. (--MarkBernstein)

Diane Greco
EastgateSystems acquisitions editor Diane Greco writes about one entry a week, but it's always interesting. Made with TinderBox. [5 ] (-- MarkBernstein)

Hypertext Kitchen
A compendium of news about literary hypertext, hypertext fiction, and net art. Sponsored by EastgateSystems. [6] (-- MarkBernstein)

Jill Walker
Research notes from an important hypertext critic and one of the world's leading theoreticians of weblogs and related phenomenon. Jill has been termed the mother of the Norwegian-flavored media weblog cluster. [7] (-- MarkBernstein)

Experimental works ranging from design to software development are the main features of k10k. The "main feed" and other areas of the site provide great interactivity. [8]

Created by Mark Frauenfelder, co-editor and publisher of the now-defunct hardcopy 'zine with the same name, the bOING bOING weblog is one of the earliest, most popular, and most interesting weblogs. This is partly due to participation by science-fiction author and net.evangelist Cory Doctorow, whose prolific daily output includes items about pop culture, politics, technology, and Disneyland(!) One of the best. [9]

Unusual or Notable Topics

David Weinberger
Cluetrain conductor and author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined [10]. This weblog is, if not a hub, then definitely an important spoke for a cluster of weblogs that discuss the nature of weblogs as well as generally philosophising around the web. They rarely refer to research, but discuss interesting ideas, often astutely. [11] (--JillWalker)

Baseball Musings
David Pinto, former ESPN researchers, couldn't stay away from the game even after his job went away. An interesting example of a sophisticated weblog about a technical subject. Nice color scheme, too. [12]

To Do

This list is neither systematic nor thorough. Readers are invited to add and revise the list. They are invited even more strongly to comment on a Weblog and move it into the Interesting Weblogs'' section above.



Klastrup's Cataclysms


Thinking With My Fingers
Torill Mortinsen

Noise Between Stations


Fagerjord's Surftrail



Joel on Software

Dan Bricklin

Info Design

X Blog

also known as k10k.

Aaron Swartz

Dan Gillmor

Evan Williams

Meg Hourihan


Digital Web Mag

Nick Finck

Scott Johnson

Derek Powazek

City Stories Project





Banners and Us

Jon Lebkowsky (weblogsky)

Oliver Wrede

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-- Last edited December 5, 2002

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