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At the first HypertextConference, Hypertext '87, Frank Halasz gave a memorable keynote speech in which he identified seven issues for hypertext research:

  1. extensibility

  2. collaboration

  3. versioning

  4. computation in/over hypertext structures

  5. virtual structures

  6. composites

  7. search and query

In 1991, Halasz returned to his list in a talk, Seven Issues Revisited. His revised list included

  1. ending the tyranny of the link

  2. open systems

  3. support for collaborative work

  4. user interfaces for large information spaces

  5. very large hypertexts

  6. tailorability and extensibility

  7. computation in(over) hypermedia networks

  8. defining hypermedia market(s)

  9. standards

  10. publishing hypertexts

In his 1999 HypertextConference keynote, MarkBernstein proposed a new issues list

  1. visualization

  2. enactment

  3. collaboration constructive hypertext, and the GraffitiEffect

  4. log analysis and user models

  5. tension and excitement

  6. real criticism of real hypertexts

  7. reactive or SculpturalHypertext's

In 2002, a HypertextConference panel revisited the Seven Issues. Each panelist chose one issue and one non-issue; their choices were:

Paul De Bra

  • issue: personalization

  • non-issue: tyranny of the link

Kaj Groenbaek

  • issue: linking places, spaces, and object

  • non-issue: search and query

Deena Larsen

  • issue: mining the archives

  • non-issue: composites; the tyranny of the link

Frank Shipman

  • issue: greater variety among hypertexts

  • non-issue: interoperability

m. c. schraefel

  • issue: the evil click

  • non-issue: none

Ken Anderson

  • issue: infrastructure integration and pervasive hypermedia

  • non-issue: application integration

Bob Akscyn

  • issue: economic of hypertext

  • non-issue: none

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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