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Read: You can use this website just like any other.

Navigate: This website has many extra features not found on most other sites. For example, all internal links are bi-directional. Click the title above to see all pages which link to this page.

Write: Click the EditText link at the bottom of the page, edit the text (using the TextFormattingRules), and then click the Save button that appears at the top of the page when editing.

Experiment: Visit WikiSandbox... to practice editing.

Next: Create your own page (e.g. MarkBernstein) with your own WikiSignature. That way, we'll know who you are, how to contact you. Add a link to your page from WhosWho.

Page creation: Edit an existing page and insert the title of the new page as two or more capitalized words run together without spaces, like this WikiWord. When you save from the edit page, Wiki converts all words that run together into links. If it can find the title in the database of existing pages, it will put in a link to that page. If it can't find the title, it will put a question mark link next to the term. Click on the question mark link to edit your new page. Why not start with your name and say a little something about yourself?

Edit customs: Try reading various pages to get the feel of Wiki before you start making changes. Keep in mind that this site is primarily for discussing software engineering, programming, and related issues.

Security: There is none. Yes, anyone can barge in unexpectedly and delete lots of content. Some stuff might get restored. Don't fret about it; it's part of WhyWikiWorks.

This page was adapted by MarkBernstein from One Minute Wiki""

-- Last edited October 27, 2002

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